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Cotton: Dots, Swirls, Stripes, Plaids

Unless otherwise stated, all fabrics on this page are 100% cotton and 42-44inch (108-112cm) wide. Minimum cut is .25 yard.
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Additional items in this category

Japanese Cotton Polka Dots - Black

Japanese Cotton Polka Dots - Dark Navy

Japanese Cotton Polka Dots - Blue

Throwing Star Pattern - Red

Throwing Star Pattern - Green

Throwing Star Pattern - Charcoal

Japanese Flowers on Colorful Squares - Pink

Japanese Flowers on Colorful Squares - Yellow

OUT OF STOCK: Japanese Flowers on Colorful Squares - Mint Blue

Reversible Stripes/Japanese Traditional Patterns

Blurry Stripes - Pink

Blurry Stripes - Red

Colorful Ichimatsu Mosaic Pattern - Red

Colorful Ichimatsu Mosaic Pattern - Pink

Stylish Wavy Stripes on Blue

Stylish Wavy Stripes on Black

OUT OF STOCK: Pinched Stripes - Blue-Green

Kanoko Dots - Pink

Kanoko Dots - Mustard

Kanoko Dots - Green

Kanoko Dots - Purple

Kanoko Dots - Red

Kanoko Dots - Navy

Kanoko Dots - Black

Yarn Dye Shijira Stripes - Indigo

Yarn Dye Shijira Stripes - Light Blue

Yarn Dye Shijira Stripes - Yellow

Yarn Dye Shijira Stripes - Lavender

Polka Drops on Black

Polka Drops on Red

Polka Drops on Green

Polka Drops on Pink

OUT OF STOCK: Polka Drops on Light Blue

Swirls on Dark Navy


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