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Rayon Chirimen Crepe - Solid Colors

All items on this page are 100% rayon, and will shrink and harden if washed in water. Dry-cleaning is preferable.

Minimum cut is 1/4yd(=0.25yd) for the purchase by the yard.

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Solid Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Blue

Contains ten pieces of solid color chirimen crepe. 2 pieces of an identical color may be included.

Each cut is about 8.6in(22cm) X 6.5in(16.5cm).

Ref # nsca-2

$15.95    pack   Quantity:  

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5 Solid Chirimen Crepe Assortment

OUT OF STOCK:Solid Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Pink

Solid Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Blue

OUT OF STOCK:Solid Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Green

Solid Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Yellow

Solid Chirimen Crepe Assortment - Purple


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